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Day 30: Recap


I can’t believe the Wego Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge is over! (Yes, that’s what #HAWMC stands for!) I’ve gotten to “meet” some great new bloggers and connect with some of my “old friends” throughout the month. To me, that’s the best part of doing this.

My favorite prompt this month was writing a letter to my migraines. It came so easily to me, and I was so excited to share it. The easiest posts to write are the rawest ones straight from the heart.

The hardest post to write was writing about three things I love about myself or that I’m good at. I’m so used to writing about how my migraines have held me back that it was weird to switch gears and focus on my strengths. What an important lesson to learn!!

If you participated, which post was the easiest for you to write? If you read, which posts (not just on my blog, but any blog) were your favorites?

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