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Day 29: Congratulations - Sharing Some Loves

Do you know what people generally say the hardest question in an interview is? “Tell me about yourself.” Today’s prompt asks us to say three things about ourselves and I have re-started it about 20 times. Oh sure, I sat down and wrote about the time I almost died in a hospital in about 15 minutes but this one? Giving me trouble.

I also keep thinking of things I used to love to do before I got sick. Man, this prompt…

  • Ok, I love having an Italian heritage. I look Italian, I’ve learned to cook Italian, and we’ve kept some cool Italian traditions. I’ve pursued my goal of learning to speak Italian. I got to visit Italy with my family, and I would love to go back. I basically just love everything about Italy and being Italian (even if I’m not 100%!) I think because of that, I really enjoy learning more about other people’s backgrounds too.
  • I love reading and I’m a bit of a speed reader. My mom is a reading specialist and taught my brother and me to read when we were two years old. I tend to read and absorb what I read very quickly - last year, I read Anna Karenina in less than a week. My Kindle is my best friend. So many classics for free!
  • I love having a healthy lifestyle. This sounds ridiculous, but my migraines have helped me with that a bit. They’ve required me to cut out unhealthy things like alcohol, caffeine, MSG, aged cheeses, and packaged food and focus on preparing fresh meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. I also have to make sure I get a little bit of exercise every day or else I’ll get a migraine. I love to start my day with herbal tea and either a walk through my neighborhood or some gentle yoga.

Whew, I did it! That’s a little bit about me.

What are some things that you love about yourself, or things that you’re good at, or things that you just want to share (not even migraine related)?

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