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Living the Spoon Theory

Migraine Awareness Month#26: “From the Outside Looking In.” Write about what you think your family, friends an others think a day in life, a day with Migraine disease, is like.

SpoonsA few weeks ago, I was supposed to go to a family cookout. Because some family was visiting that week, I had been driving all over the city to see them. My sleep was off and I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I would have liked.  By the time the family cookout came around on Saturday, I was completely fatigued to the extent that I could not get out of bed.

My boyfriend came over to see what was wrong with me, and my mom kept asking what time I would be there. I tried to explain that I can’t keep up with everyone else and that even just driving too much or losing a few hours of sleep can knock me out for a day or two. They were really trying hard to understand. I ultimately asked my boyfriend to read the Spoon Theory. I really think it helped him understand that while I can do certain things, I can’t quite keep up with everyone else. He said that his only issue with this concept is that not all outsiders aren’t hostile to learning what chronic pain sufferers experience; some people are genuinely trying to understand but have a hard time relating. I think having family and close friends read the spoon theory is a great way to help caring people in our lives understand our daily concerns.

Do your family and friends understand what it’s like to be a migraineur?

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